Welcome to the Scrapbook pages for the McCarthy Surname Study, which analyses the Y-DNA of men named McCarthy or a spelling variant or agnomen associated with this name. The files made available below support the main Study website at: https://www.familytreedna.com/groups/mccarthy-surname-study/about

Y-DNA Phylogenetic Trees

Haplogroup E1b1b1
SNP E-M35.1 / L117 2016 May 27
Haplogroup of R-U152
SNP R-U152 2017 May 21
R-L21 Group A and Irish Type II SNP R-A541 (Irish Type II) 2017 Nov 26
R-L21 Group B and the R-Z16526 Project SNP R-ZS4606 2018 Jan 01
R-L21 Group C SNP R-M222 (Irish Type I) 2016 Dec 30
R-L21 Group D SNP R-L513 2017 Apr 17
R-L21 Group E SNP R-Z255 2017 Apr 01
R-L21 Group F SNP R-Z253 (including Irish Type III) 2017 Nov 03
R-L21 Group G SNP R-CTS3386 2017 Jul 14
R-L21 Groups K and L SNPs R-DF5 and R-Z16270 2017 Jul 28

Project Charts and Diagrams

Figure 2 Development of principal McCarthy Septs 2017 Sep 12
Figure 3 Breakdown of McCarthys by haplogroup 2017 Aug 28
Figure 4 McCarthy Ancestral Haplotypes 2017 Jul 04
Figure 5 McCarthy Sept names and Agnomina in use in the past few centuries 2017 May 17

Scholarly Articles, Presentations etc.

Possible A541 haplogroup phylogenetic alignments with genealogies of descent from Oilioll Olum by N.D.McCarthy (27 Oct 2017) A comparison of Irish Type II (McCarthy R-L21 Group A) phylogeny with ancient genealogical texts pertaining to first millennium ancestries.
The McCarthy family tree by R.C.McCarthy (2012) The story of descendants believed (and now well on the way to being proven by Y-DNA) to be those of Finghin Dubh Mac Cárthaigh, and the McCarthys of Ardcanaght.
MacCarthy Gathering Posters Posters for the MacCarthy Gathering to celebrate ‘The Homecoming of the Daniel MacCarthy Glas Archive’, Dunmanway, Co. Cork, 26-28 May 2017.
McCarthy Surname Study Slide Show Progress Report slide show for the MacCarthy Gathering, Dunmanway, Co. Cork, 26-28 May 2017.
Charles Mac Carthy in the Archives of Bilbao by Oisín Breatnach (July 2017) Sources in the Archives of Bilbao giving a 17th/18th family history spanning four generations, with suspected MacCarthy Reagh origins (study ongoing).